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In the category "Low Content Books" you will find a wide range of download templates for books that have minimal content. Whether you want to create a bullet journal, a notebook or a sketchbook, you'll find the right templates here. By downloading and printing the templates, you will have the opportunity to quickly and easily implement your creative ideas. Save time and money by creating your own books and design them exactly according to your wishes and needs. Perfect for Amazon KDP and other platforms to earn money in the long run.

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  • $8.00

    Low Content Book Template for Amazon KDP is the ideal solution for authors, publishers and self-publishers who want to create to-do list books quickly and easily. With 120 pages and a size of 6x9 inches, the template is completely ready to upload to KDP and requires no further editing. The template saves time and effort in creating books and provides a way to earn money by publishing the book on Amazon KDP.

  • $8.00

    Our low content book template for Amazon KDP is the perfect solution for creating vocabulary booklets quickly and easily. The template includes 40 pages in 6x9 inch format, is completely ready to upload to KDP and is customizable. With this template, you can get started and start making money selling your own vocabulary notebooks on Amazon KDP without any further editing. Order now and get started!